We at Sheffield Babywearers know quite a lot about babywearing. So we've started putting our heads together to create summaries of members' favourite links, tips and tricks for particular slings or carrying methods. We call these sessions Online Babywearing Workshops.

We've done two workshops so far, and more on the way, starting with front carries because that's where new babywearers start. Have a look at our new babywearing help section to access all this exciting information!
Sheffield Babywearers' new logo is a drawing of a parent looking down at her child in a front carry
Sheffield Babywearers recently ran a competition to find a logo for use on our publicity material. Several of our members entered with their suggestions and all the members were allowed one vote. All the entries were fabulous, but one of them had to win, and we are excited to announce that this lovely drawing got the most votes. So here is our new logo!

We love this logo because it emphasises the closeness and bonding that babywearing can bring. And although it's a female figure, don't worry - dads bond just as much through babywearing, sometimes more so because they don't always get to spend as much time with the baby as mum does.

We will now be using the logo on our website and on other publicity material (posters, flyers, business cards etc), and those of you that come to our 2nd birthday party next week may even see it on fairy cakes! 

Well, here it is - a brand new website for Sheffield Babywearers! 

If you're an existing Sheffield Babywearer, this is how you tell people - other babywearers, potential babywearers and anyone else who's interested - about our group. No more having to ask "Are you on Facebook?". Just tell them to go to www.sheffieldbabywearers.org.uk. And if you want something to hand out, please do print off some flyers or posters

If you're new to babywearing, new to our area or have just never heard of us - well, if you're interested in what you see here then please either get in touch or come along to one of our sling meets. Most of our online social activity is centred around our Facebook group, so please do ask to join (it's only closed because we post pictures of our beautiful children there).

We'll be updating this page with news of what we've been doing, so please do check back regularly to see what Sheffield Babywearers get up to when we're not holding sling meets or eating cake! Most imminently, we'll be celebrating our second birthday with a picnic on 18 July 2012, and some of our members will be doing the Race for Life while babywearing on 15 July 2012 (details of both are on our Events page).