It started off with two like-minded mamas private messaging each other on BabyCentre...

The very first sling meet for Sheffield Babywearers was 14th July 2010 when four slinging ladies met up at Endcliffe Park to discuss all things babywearing. On Wednesday 18th July we celebrated our second birthday at Endcliffe Park with two of the founder members in attendance (sadly Kate had a poorly boy to look after, although we did save her some cake).

Despite the weather being somewhat changeable it was a well attended meet with fourteen mamas plus children. We were also pleased to welcome new members to our birthday celebrations.

Sheffield Babywearers getting ready to take part in Sheffield's Race for Life
Bright and early on Sunday morning, seven members of Sheffield Babywearers gathered with a whole heap of other ladies, dressed in various amounts of pink, to do the Sheffield Race for Life.

We all walked carrying a baby or toddler to raise money for Cancer Research. Many of us have friends and family who have been affected by cancer and we all feel strongly about the value of supporting this cause.  

Sheffield Babywearers' new logo is a drawing of a parent looking down at her child in a front carry
Sheffield Babywearers recently ran a competition to find a logo for use on our publicity material. Several of our members entered with their suggestions and all the members were allowed one vote. All the entries were fabulous, but one of them had to win, and we are excited to announce that this lovely drawing got the most votes. So here is our new logo!

We love this logo because it emphasises the closeness and bonding that babywearing can bring. And although it's a female figure, don't worry - dads bond just as much through babywearing, sometimes more so because they don't always get to spend as much time with the baby as mum does.

We will now be using the logo on our website and on other publicity material (posters, flyers, business cards etc), and those of you that come to our 2nd birthday party next week may even see it on fairy cakes! 

Another successful sling meet! The Hallamshire House was full of babies and toddlers today - and mums of course. There was lots of trying on of slings and eating of cake, and the kids loved the giant Connect4.

It was great to see so many new faces today, including several mums of tiny babies who are just getting into babywearing, and so much fun helping them work out which sling might be best for them. Some of us even got to hold a three-week old baby (oh the hormones!).

The Hallamshire House continues to be a fantastic venue where we feel very welcome, and we look forward to more meets there in the future. The next sling meet is Friday, 27 July 2012, 12pm-4pm. All future meets are listed on our Events page.

If anyone feels up to joining us bright and early this Sunday morning (15 July), please come and cheer on the members of Sheffield Babywearers doing the Race for Life! We start at 9am at Arundel Gate. You can help us with our fundraising by visiting our page here.