Yesterday saw our first sling meet at our new Tuesday venue, Megakidz on Bernard Road, and it was a great success!

We had lots of attendees - babywearers both old and new - and the kids loved the soft play area, particularly the zipwire. The meet was in a private section at the back of the play area, allowing us to make the most of the facilities while not being stared at.
Our back carry demonstration and help session was much enjoyed, and several babywearers were very chuffed to manage their first back carries. The rucksack carry demonstration was rather overpowered by the screaming overtired demo-baby... but everyone was impressed at how she settled straight down to sleep once wrapped up. Some mums with newer arrivals watched and wondered if their babies would ever get big enough to chuck on their backs... don't worry, they will, all too soon!

The Sling Library was in attendance at a sling meet for the first time since Natasha took over, doling out pre-requested slings and taking returns. This will be a regular feature of our Tuesday meets from now on. Natasha was pleased to be able to help out a few extra mums who tried out the incoming/outgoing stock. However, for a really good rummage in the Library and one-to-one help in a quieter environment, get down to one of her regular sessions as listed on the library website.
If you missed this sling meet, it's OK because the next one is coming up fast, on Thursday 20 September 2012. Check out our list of upcoming events for details and to see what else is on.
5/9/2012 02:17:28 am

What a wonderful re-launch of the Sling Library service! I met lots of lovely mums and babes, and it was great to see people experimenting with new carriers!

14/7/2023 03:23:29 am

Loved reading this, thanks


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