Last week saw the turning on of the Christmas lights in Sheffield and a number of our members popped down with their families. Here they are, sharing the benefits of babywearing at a busy, public event.

"Mya usually becomes overwelmed by characters/mascots, with them being so big, but she was perfectly happy for me to approach 'Pooh Bear' and for her to give him high 5 as she has re-assurance of me being right there for her to snuggle into." 

 "I enjoyed the ease with which we could interact with the characters - my son, the fire brigade bear and I all played peek-a-boo till T was screaming with laughter as the sling meant he was high enough to see over the barrier and I had my hands free for peek-a-boo!"


"T'was busy busy for the actual lights switch on and thank goodness for the sling - no buggy bumping for us!"

"I had hands free to hold hands with my daughter and my friend's son while carrying my son too - I threatened dire consequences if they ran off and left me with all the children!" 

"My son is a runner and being in the sling in such a crowded place meant I knew where he was at all times, so I only had to watch out for my daughter."

"The sling was such a help at the switch-on! It was really busy, but I didn't have to worry about negotiating a buggy through the crowds. And when M. wanted to walk later on, I could just use the wrap (it's a shortie) as a scarf rather than being left with an empty buggy. Oh - and when we were passing by the music stage, she was at the right height to be able to see what was going on, instead of getting frustrated at just seeing a sea of legs which meant she was happy to stop and watch for a while - that helped to avoid a tantrum from the eldest, who wanted to watch the singing and dancing! Wins all round!" (Natasha, pictured left, runs Sheffield Sling Library which meets weekly on Tuesdays, do get in touch with her if you need any assistance.)

Please keep checking in because Sheffield Babywearers will be announcing a Chrimbo competition shortly.
24/11/2012 04:33:34 am

Looks like so much fun! You really can't go wrong with a sling at that sort of crowded event.


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