Safe babywearing
Safe babywearing
Last weekend two members of Sheffield Babywearers went down to Bristol to attend a training course to become Babywearing Peer Supporters. This OCN Level 3 course is run by the School of Babywearing, and when they've finished the (rather arduous) coursework they will be qualified to help other babywearers. There's not many babywearing peer supporters or consultants in our area, so we're really excited about this. 

We've added a page to our website on babywearing peer supporters and consultants, and it's filed under "Safe babywearing" because that is the area where these people are most useful. If you, as a babywearer, are asked to help with carrying a premature baby, a low weight baby or a child with a medical condition, it's best to refer them to a trained consultant, or sometimes a peer supporter. You may know lots about babywearing, but the medical issues are often complex. Also, if you are ever unsure about a baby's safe positioning in a sling, refer the parent rather than take risks with the baby's safety. A full list of when it is appropriate to refer a parent is on the new page.
A babywearing group such as Sheffield Babywearers comprises  parents who help each other out - that is to say, we engage in informal peer support. Everyone has different skills, abilities and knowledge, and we share all that between us. You don't have to be qualified to know what you're talking about!

However, one of the great things about our group is that we all know our limits. Often we're asked a question we don't know the answer to, so we find somebody who does. But sometimes we all have to step back and say, this question needs answering by somebody who has been trained in babywearing.

We all want to make sure that babywearing stays a wonderful experience for everyone who tries it, so make full use of the resources in your area, whether that's a sling meet, a babywearing group, a peer supporter or a consultant.

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