A belated Happy New Year to all our blog readers! 2013 has arrived and we have a raft of fun ahead - we've already put our New Year's resolution into action (more exercise) with a walk out to Forge Dam, had fun at MegaKidz and enjoyed cake at Rosie Lea's in Hillsborough. Please see Upcoming Events for more details of our meets this month, and beyond but we're off to Meadowhall tomorrow morning!
To start this new year we would like to share some photos of our children "baby wearing" their dolls and toys. My eldest daughter has even carried her sister, momentarily - she is 3 and half, her sister is 21 months ... and while it was hugely impractical I could not refuse their enthusiasm. Unfortunately, I could not capture this moment for posterity, but I regularly capture both girls carrying their toys in slings on various occasions. 

Tandem babywearing at an early age!
A couple from the photoshoot with Source Photography that we did for International Babywearing Week 2012. © Gordie Cavill & Source Photography.
And to conclude, here is my youngest daughter's recent experiments with carrying her doll; sadly, she cannot read the TICKS guidelines yet, but I give her full marks for effort and would like to add, she did this all by herself.

Please do not try this particular carry at home. Whilst no dolls were harmed in the making of this blog, we cannot emphasise enough how unwise it'd be to attempt such a carry with a real baby. For information on safe babywearing see here; or even better, attend one of sling meets and meet one of members who hold various babywearing qualifications, or visit Sheffield Sling Library.

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