Eleven lucky babywearers had a fabulous time last Thursday with a babywearing photoshoot! The aim of the shoot was to get some lovely photos for the mums who took part, and also for use on our website and publicity, and it was a complete success.

We had a range of ages of children, from three weeks to three years, and used every type of sling, from a stretchy wrap for the newborn to a ring sling for the biggest boy.

We are very grateful to Source Photography for donating this photoshoot to Sheffield Babywearers, and for offering a discount on any family or baby photoshoot booked through our website! Visit our Links page for more details (see under Other Links).

We were also very lucky to have three beautiful and unique baby carriers on loan, left to right: a full buckle carrier from Kitten Creations, a mei tai with wrap straps from Monkey Mei Tai, and a full buckle carrier from Opitai Baby

We've still got these lovely slings and will be having a final play with them at Thursday's sling meet before they go home... except that Rachel in the middle loved hers so much that she's bought it so it's staying in Sheffield! So if you want to see what a fabulous handmade sling looks like, pop down to the Hallamshire House tomorrow between 12 and 4.

A few of our favourite photos:
A 3-week old baby in a mei tai - this mum had never used a sling before and she was really happy to be carrying her baby.

A 3-year-old boy in a gorgeous Oscha Starry Night ring sling. Lovely mum and son!

Mid-shoot mayhem! 
The photographer handled the run-around children very well and got some beautiful photos of them.

It was so much fun that we're definitely going to do it again. We're planning an outdoor shoot for later in the year, when we hope to get some shots of babywearing dads as well as mums!
17/10/2012 01:50:50 am

Looking great ladies, well done.

17/10/2012 02:35:31 am

Thanks Beth!


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