Members of Sheffield Babywearers talk to expectant parents about babywearing at the Mothercare Baby & Me show
Three Sheffield Babywearers had a stand at the Expectant Parent event hosted by Mothercare in Sheffield. Using fairy cakes as bait, we reeled in lots of expectant parents to tell them about the joys of babywearing. We explained different kinds of slings and the ways in which they can make a parent's life easier. All three of us agreed that babywearing has saved our sanity at one point or another!

A Girasol wrap serves as a tablecloth for the Sheffield Babywearers stand, with cake and flyers on it.
We were ably assisted by some of our toddlers, who were happy to be used for demonstration purposes when they weren't enjoying playing with the toys in the shop. The table was nearly cleared of cake and flyers by the end of the show, so we feel that was a good evening's work.

We hope to see some of the expectant parents we met tonight at future sling meets, so we can help them with choosing what sling will work best for them - and meet their new babies! We wish them all good luck with their exciting new lives.

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