We've got loads of sling meets on at the moment!
A mum getting to grips with her Manduca carrier at our sling meet
Last Thursday was our regular sling meet at the Hallamshire House, where the talk was all about soft structured carriers and other full buckle carriers. There's so many different brands and they're all slightly different, so the good news is that there's usually one out there for everyone. 

But it does mean that you sometimes have to try a lot of slings on to find your perfect carrier - this is why we love getting together for sling meets, and why we are always so happy that Sheffield Sling Library exists.
We're going to publish the results of our carrier comparisons soon in our babywearing help section, so keep an eye out.
Then this Monday we had our first Hillsborough mini-meet, which was a great success. The library turned out to be a fabulous venue where the kids enjoyed playing and reading (or in some cases, just pulling all the books off the shelf and putting them in piles...).
Four babywearers carry their children at Sheffield Babywearers' Hillsborough sling meet
Four of the babywearers who came to the Hillsborough mini-meet
There was a lot of sling swapping going on and several people went home in a different carrier from the one they arrived in! We were also very happy, as always, to meet a couple of our newer members and help them start their babywearing journey.

Although Christmas is nearly upon us, we have three more meets coming up before the end of the year. Next week is our regular sling meet at Megakidz, and we also have another Rotherham meet planned for December, followed by our Christmas sling meet at the Hallamshire House. Check our calendar for details.
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