And so the snow came, and continues to fall. We've had lots of questions about carrying our babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers in these snowy conditions. So, we asked our members and they've given us plenty of tips for and photos of babywearing in the snow.

A common concern is how can you carry in snow and ice without falling on to your child. A popular tip, one that resurfaces every year, is to purchase a pair of grips for the soles of your shoes, like Yaktrax as these provide extra grip for the slippery conditions. In terms of where you carry your baby, there is no right or wrong answer: front, back, or hip, you just carry them wherever feels best for you. The key is confidence, if you feel stable on your feet you will walk with confidence and, importantly, your child will feel safe and secure.

This mum is using a Beco buckle carrier to carry her baby on her tummy. Below, is another buckle carrier, a toddler-size Connecta being used on the mother's back.
Buckles are a popular option in these wintery conditions: they are quick, they are often easier to use when your little one is in a snow suit, and there is nothing to drag on the floor when getting your child into position.

 Katherine notes: "Even a dedicated wrapper like me prefers buckles in the snow because the ends don't drag on the floor. ... Consider packing carrier bags to pop over your toddler's snowy feet, or get overshoes that can be taken off, otherwise your coat gets very wet!"
And, hats with ear flaps are not just an essential for keeping the smalls nice and snuggly!! Hats with ear flaps that tie under their chins are useful for back carries - but experience has taught us all that even the most determined of children will yank it of if they don't want to wear it! When my daughter went through this phase, I carried her on my front so I could monitor her closely. Balaclavas are a great option, as they are much harder to remove.

"How can I dress my child?"
A common question and it really depends on whether you wear them under or over your own coat. For those carrying over their own coats, here is what our members suggested:
Lindsay from Chesterfield Sling Library, pictured left, likes the Hoppediz All-in-one fleece - warm and water-resistant, but also lightweight and not as bulky as conventional snowsuits. Kate and Lizzie both like the JoJo Maman polarfleece suits. Lizzie says: "They really hold their value on eBay. ... My son lives in his year round. I sell, then buy the next size up. They aren't massively bulky, so being the UK they are perfect year round for chillier days, or nights e.g. camping." 

Natasha from Sheffield Sling Library uses legwarmers, such as Babylegs or Huggalugs, to add an extra layer to her toddler's legs, they are easier to take off and on, so a great addition when going in and out of the cold. They also help bridge the gap when your child's trouser legs ruck up. She also uses Stonz boots which slip over the top of your child's usual footwear, they are insulated, have toggles to keep the snow and water out, and a rubber sole for grip.
Laura adds: "You don't need to spend a fortune on outdoor gear for a little baby if you are carrying them. I had a snowsuit for Tomas when he was little - but he only wore it twice I think. They just grow too fast under one to justify the expense (I think!). Vest, socks, sleep suit, babylegs, trousers, t-short, jumper, coat, elephant hood, or hat. Then put them in the sling - if they are small you can wear them under your coat, or perhaps in a maternity coat. Or with something like a MaM cover to bridge the gap between sling and coat!"

Come meet us in Graves Park tomorrow for a snowy walk: 2pm at the cafe! Hope to see you there. For more snowy adventures, come join our facebook group here, or keep an eye on our facebook page, here

Have fun in the snow!!!

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