We at Sheffield Babywearers know quite a lot about babywearing. So we've started putting our heads together to create summaries of members' favourite links, tips and tricks for particular slings or carrying methods. We call these sessions Online Babywearing Workshops.

We've done two workshops so far, and more on the way, starting with front carries because that's where new babywearers start. Have a look at our new babywearing help section to access all this exciting information!
Sheffield Sling Library and Sheffield Babywearers got together to hold a Macmillan Coffee morning this week, and it was a huge success! Eighteen mums and dads came down with their children to help raise £50 for Macmillan Cancer Support. And lots of those parents left the library with a baby carrier to try out for a couple of weeks.

Sheffield Sling Library owner Natasha was particularly pleased to be able to help seven new parents just starting out on their babywearing journey. The library is a fabulous resource for established babywearers, but for new ones it's invaluable as it gives parents a chance to get to grips with all the options before they spend any money. Our local Sheffield sling meets are also a great way to try out all sorts of baby slings. 

Beautifully iced fairy cakes
What do Sheffield Babywearers like nearly as much as baby slings? Cake, of course! We love any opportunity to combine babywearing with cake, plus a bit of sitting around and chatting.  

So we are joining forces with Sheffield Sling Library to have a Macmillan World's Biggest Coffee Morning, on Tuesday 25 September 2012. The Sling Library is very excited to be back in action, and is hosting this good-cause event in combination with a regular library session.  

Yesterday saw our first sling meet at our new Tuesday venue, Megakidz on Bernard Road, and it was a great success!

We had lots of attendees - babywearers both old and new - and the kids loved the soft play area, particularly the zipwire. The meet was in a private section at the back of the play area, allowing us to make the most of the facilities while not being stared at.
Our back carry demonstration and help session was much enjoyed, and several babywearers were very chuffed to manage their first back carries. The rucksack carry demonstration was rather overpowered by the screaming overtired demo-baby... but everyone was impressed at how she settled straight down to sleep once wrapped up. Some mums with newer arrivals watched and wondered if their babies would ever get big enough to chuck on their backs... don't worry, they will, all too soon!

Well, the thermostat decided that it was time to turn the heating on this morning, so it looks like summer - sorry what summer? - is over. Sheffield Babywearers' main sling meets are indoors, two per month, but we also try to get together for extra mini-meets. Here's a little round-up of what's gone on over the last three months.

We usually aim to get photos of the babywearers at our meets, but the wearees look so cute in these photos we couldn't resist using them instead!
Babywearers' toddlers playing on the climbing frame
We had three walks, two from Hunters Bar to Forge Dam and back again, which were lovely, and one round Graves Park, which was curtailed by rain and turned into a very pleasant cafe meet!

The kids loved Forge Dam playground as always.